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Superior Legal Services For Business Law And Litigation Matters

Last updated on November 25, 2023

With 75 years of combined experience, Ronnie Sussman and Weldon Moore offer results-oriented quality legal services to business owners, corporations and business entities throughout the state of Texas. Natives of Dallas, they have been practicing together since 1998 and have distinguished themselves within the local legal community. From small to large, simple to complex business law concerns Sussman & Moore, LLP, can help.

Business Transactional Legal Services

Transactional business law encompasses all aspects of transactions of business among and between businesses, corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies and individuals. Transactional business attorneys think ahead, plan and anticipate risks, as well as assess and analyze the likelihood and probability of various scenarios.

Transaction attorneys assist clients with the following business law transactions:

  • Advising and establishing business structures like partnerships, limited liability companies, corporations and other business entities
  • Negotiating and drafting agreements such as employment contracts or lease agreements
  • Assisting and advising with real estate transactions
  • Facilitating business mergers and acquisitions

Transaction lawyers also assist corporate entities and companies with ongoing consulting services, including audits and investigations, contract negotiations and formations, and advising on day-to-day business matters.

Business Litigation Services

Business litigation involves the negotiation or defense of business law conflicts and disputes between companies, business entities or other parties. In the world of business, conflicts, sometimes escalating to lawsuits, happen every day. Business litigation attorneys help clients with the following:

  • Managing contract negotiation and interpretation disputes
  • Consulting on employment law issues and disputes
  • Negotiating and facilitating dispute resolution for internal company conflicts
  • Pursuing or defending breach of contract cases on behalf of a corporate or business entity

An experienced business law litigator can minimize business risk by assisting with dispute resolutions before they escalate into expensive and resource-draining lawsuits, thereby mitigating emotional and financial costs.

Counsel And Advice With Bankruptcy Law

A bankruptcy lawyer specializes and advises clients on all aspects of bankruptcy law. Bankruptcy law is filled with nuances and specific requirements, which a bankruptcy attorney must wade through to effectively assist clients who are considering bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer will help with:

  • Explaining the various types of bankruptcy and how the process works
  • Advising on whether or not to file for bankruptcy
  • Facilitating a bankruptcy filing with appropriate forms and filings

Handling a bankruptcy case without a lawyer can result in grave legal errors that can carry long-term consequences.

Call Today For Experienced Business Law Attorneys

In practice together since 1998, Ronald Sussman and Weldon Moore offer business transactional and litigation services to clients throughout the state of Texas. Call 214-807-1090 or send an email through the online form to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the particulars of your business law needs.

Sussman & Moore, LLP, is a debt relief agency. Its attorneys help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.